Recuitment excellence since 1991.

Because of our experience.

Because of our hard-earned reputation and unsurpassed recruitment standards.

Because of the depth of our proprietary data-base and our extensive industry network.

Because of our expertise and our commitment to excellence.

Because we are responsive and dedicated to maintaining our clients’ and candidates’ confidentiality.

Because we are passionate about the hospitality industry.



Lecours is widely regarded as a leading recruitment firm in North America. We began in 1991. We are a highly motivated, service-driven team of experienced recruiters. We take pride in our service, work ethic, accuracy, and reliability.

We work with our clients as partners. We act only in our client’s best interests to find the industry’s best and brightest candidates.

We maintain deep ethical standards and are entrusted with highly sensitive and confidential information both by organizations undertaking recruitment efforts and candidates considering career changes. We understand the need for confidentiality and discretion.

Lecours Group.
Pioneers in Hospitality Recruitment.

Founded in 1991, Lecours Group has established our reputation as one of North America's leading recruitment firms, specializing in the hospitality and foodservice sectors. With a foundation built on experience, the firm boasts an unparalleled commitment to service excellence, underpinned by rigorous recruitment standards.

Lecours Group's strength lies in our unique and extensive industry network, allowing us to tap into a diverse pool of talent. The firm's dedication to maintaining the confidentiality of both clients and candidates sets us apart, ensuring trust and discretion at every step of the recruitment process.

Passionate about the hospitality industry, Lecours Group operates with a service-driven approach. The team, comprised of experienced recruiters, takes immense pride in their work ethic, accuracy, and reliability. This dedication has enabled Lecours to work in partnership with clients, always prioritizing their best interests and striving to connect them with the industry's top talent.

In the ever-evolving landscape of recruitment, where the demands of volatile markets constantly shift, Lecours Group stands out with our deep expertise across sectors, locations, and positions. We recognize that while online platforms have made candidate discovery easier, the true challenge lies in finding the perfect match that aligns with a company's culture and needs. Lecours Group's nuanced approach to matchmaking, which involves understanding candidates' goals, skills, personality traits, and work preferences, ensures that placements are not just about filling positions but about forging lasting relationships.

Client Services


Recruitment is an important and difficult process, particularly with ever-changing skillsets and the expectations and demands of volatile markets. Are you looking for the best candidates to fit with your team? How can you ensure a good fit? Is it possible to hire quickly and effectively? Lecours has deep expertise and experience in recruiting across sectors, locations and positions.

We know that online platforms make it easy to find candidates. But finding the right individual that aligns with your needs and company culture is a complex and subtle exercise.

We talk to our candidates about goals, skills, personality traits and work preferences. We match their values, interests and strengths with your company requirements because we know that match-making is nuanced.

Candidate Services


Looking for a new position can be a long and tiring process. There can be many options out there, but what opportunity is right for you? On-line platforms present information that is easy to find, but how do you know what role is truly a good match? We work with you to learn about your talents and experience, your wants, needs and expectations.

At Lecours we will find and connect you to the best roles available. We know that looking for a new job is a very personal journey. We are committed to understanding your skills, values, passions and goals so we can find the ideal position for you.

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