At Lecours we recruit for a wide range of positions. Our direct professional experience means that we have a real understanding of these roles and we know what it takes to fill them. Below is a list of some of the positions we have successfully placed.

Vice Presidents and Directors of Culinary Operations

Vice-Presidents, Directors and Managers of Sales and Marketing

Directors and Managers of Human Resources

Training and Development Managers

Food and Beverage Directors and Managers

Directors of Finance and Controllers

Restaurant General Managers

Managers and Sommeliers

Conference, Catering and Event Managers

Directors and Managers of Engineering and Maintenance

Executive Chefs, Sous Chefs and Pastry Chefs

Directors of Care

Spa Directors and Managers

Private Club Managers

Human Resource Generalists

Hotel General Managers

Director of Operations

Estate Managers and Private Chefs


A Blend of Tradition & Innovation

At the heart of Lecours Group's success in the recruitment domain lies a meticulously crafted methodology that seamlessly blends traditional practices with innovative strategies. This approach ensures that we remain at the forefront of the recruitment industry, particularly within the hospitality sector.

Deep Hospitality Industry Insight
Lecours Group's longstanding presence in the recruitment arena, especially within the hospitality sector, has given us profound industry insights. This knowledge is pivotal in understanding the unique demands and nuances of hotels, resorts, restaurants, private clubs, convention centers, retirement residences and retail services, allowing us to tailor our strategies accordingly.
Proprietary Database & Extensive Hospitality Network
One of Lecours Group's standout features is our vast proprietary database, a rich source of potential candidates. Complemented by an expansive industry network, Lecours has access to a truly diverse talent pool, ensuring that we can find the right fit for any position. We use our deep database and referral network to find qualified candidates. This includes contacting people who are not actively looking for a new job.
Personalized Approach
Understanding that every client and candidate is unique, Lecours Group places a strong emphasis on personalization. By looking deep into the goals, skills, and aspirations of candidates, and aligning these with the specific needs and culture of client organizations, Lecours ensures a match that goes beyond just qualifications. Our knowledge of the Hospitality sector is firsthand, and our personalized approach is a testament to Lecours Group's commitment to forging meaningful and lasting connections.
Ethical Standards and Confidentiality
In the Hospitality and Foodservice industries where trust is paramount, Lecours Group stands out with its unwavering commitment to ethical standards. Recognizing the sensitive nature of recruitment information, we ensure utmost confidentiality for both organizations and candidates. This dedication to discretion has cemented Lecours Group's reputation as a trusted recruitment partner.
Recruitment means Nuanced Matchmaking
While the digital age has made candidate discovery more accessible, Lecours Group understands that true recruitment success lies in nuanced matchmaking. At Lecours we strive to ensure that the relationship is based on a clear set of expectations articulated on both sides. By focusing on aligning values, interests, and strengths of candidates with the requirements and culture of companies, Lecours ensures that placements are well researched and consider both professional and personal priorities.


We know that filling every position is a combination of balance on what a role offers and what an employer is looking for. This is nuanced matchmaking. Recruitment goes far beyond matching the basics of compensation and title. Different organizations offer different benefits and talented candidates are looking for a range of considerations. At Lecours we strive to ensure that the relationship is based on a clear set of expectations articulated on both sides. The following is a list of some of topics that should be part of a conversation for a successful placement.

Search Considerations

Opportunities for growth
Remote work
Opportunities for travel
Health and safety
Work/life balance

Hiring Considerations

Communication style
Leadership abilities
Learning aptitudes
Initiative taking
Problem solving
Remote work



1. Defining the Role

An intake call establishes position specs, candidate profile and the organization’s culture.

The first phase lays the foundation for a successful search and begins with defining a profile specific to the position (key competencies, management style, reporting structure, compensation, etc.) and developing a sound understanding of your culture, challenges, and overall goals and objectives for this role.


2. We Start the Search

We have unique expertise in direct recruitment.

We review the role as a group and develop a client-specific search strategy. We use our deep database and referral network to find qualified candidates. This includes contacting people who are not actively looking. We begin making connections immediately. We commit to providing you a transparent process, starting our search within your market and expanding outward until the right candidates are uncovered.


3. Candidate Selection & Presentation

We quickly develop a shortlist.

The third phase is the selection and presentation of a shortlist of qualified candidates. This typically takes 5-10 business days and includes a comprehensive direct recruitment campaign of your competitive set. We interview each candidate before we present them to you. We ask tough questions. We take detailed notes. We don’t waste your time.


4. Interviews & Decision Making

Narrowing down the search.

The fourth phase of our search process includes the coordination of interviews, gathering feedback, verifying references, and advising in the selection of finalist candidates.

Wonderful, I’ll see you first thing on Monday

5. Placement

Making sure all the details are taken care of.

The final phase is the facilitation and completion of a competitive offer of employment. To ensure that we have made a successful placement we follow-up with a quality check on the hired candidate’s 60th day of work. All our placements are guaranteed. Occasionally, if it is necessary, we will replace the candidate quickly.

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