We know that balancing all the demands of your work with your personal life is a priority. At Lecours, understanding the complex needs of our clients and how they hire and work with team members is essential.


We have successfully completed a wide range of searches with many organizations across a broad scope of sectors.

Hotels & Resorts
Convention Centres
Sports & Entertainment Venues
Senior Living
Private Residences


Since 1991 we have positioned over 5,000 people in the hospitality, food-service and retail sectors across North America.

We work closely with clients to learn more about their businesses to find perfect matches.

By working as a team, sharing knowledge and connections, we find the best people for the job.

No other firm in North America has our experience and real world expertise in hospitality. We’ve been there, we know what it takes.


About Us

Lecours is an independent client-based recruiting firm focused primarily on the hospitality and food-service sectors. We work with international brands, national organizations, and local businesses across North America. By reputation we are a leading recruiter of top talent across the continent.

Our Mission

Founded in 1991, Lecours is committed to meeting the needs of our clients by placing the most appropriate, skilled, and experienced candidates. We deliver exceptional service and build strong long-term client relationships.

Our Team

At Lecours, having the best people allows us to deliver consistent strong recruiting results. Our team has the expertise, dedication, and talent to meet the individual needs of each challenge. We have direct work experience in many of the roles we are asked to fill. This depth is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Our Performance

Our 30-year track record is a key factor in the ability to grow our business. We have placed candidates in management positions who have gone on to become business leaders. We are proud of our long-term customer loyalty. Our clients return to us because they know what to expect.

Roles We Fill

We have unique expertise in filling the fullest range of roles for our clients. Our placements include leadership and management positions ranging from operations and culinary, to sales and marketing, finance and human resources.

Our Proven Approach

Our clear and transparent step-by-step methodology means it is easy to work with us. Team members with an astounding combined 100 years of experience, work together to share information. This collaboration means our clients receive the benefit of aligned teamwork and our collective expertise and knowledge.


We listen.

We have no pre-conceived ideas about a search until we have listened to you. Your guidance is a key component to finding the best candidates. We consider the entire search process a fully collaborative undertaking.

We are transparent.

We share our knowledge with you. We provide you with timely status reports on the search. We will tell you who we have contacted, who is interested and who is not interested. We can provide you with important feedback about your brand and the position’s skill, required experience and level of compensation.

We are relentless.

Our search efforts continue until the right candidate is hired and working. Our first submission of candidates is not our last submission of candidates. We do not suspend our search activities just because you have selected candidates to interview.

We work for you.

We will represent your organization, brand and your market position with professionalism and a commitment to service excellence. Candidates will be declined in a timely fashion; references will be comprehensive and thorough, and your organization’s reputation will be enhanced by our behaviour.

We are accountable.

We will follow-up with you on the placed candidate’s 60th day of employment to ensure that you are pleased with the results of our recruitment efforts. We understand that relationships sometimes do not work. We are committed to diligently and quickly replacing the candidate if you are not satisfied.


We have experience across North America. We have worked with clients from Los Angeles, Chicago and New Orleans to Alaska, Toronto, Montreal and Mexico.

Whether it is recruiting in Vancouver, Colorado, Hawaii or Texas, we have deep experience finding and placing great candidates across the continent.


Most of our clients are return customers. They appreciate our values: hard work, honesty, dedication, and the results we achieve.

We work as a team in a transparent process. We share our experience and knowledge with you.

We know the people, places and positions of the industries we serve. At Lecours we put our knowledge into action.

We value our reputation. We are industry leaders. We established that over 30+ years ago.


We take the time to understand your culture and what it means for a person’s success within your organization. We search for the right candidate, for the right job, in the right organization. We will then explain why that person said, “Yes,” “No” or “Maybe”.

We have placed a substantial number of industry leaders in their current or past positions so we can call on them for their knowledge of peers and former employees. When we launch direct recruitment campaigns in our client’s targeted regions, potential candidates are receptive, knowing that Lecours offers the industry’s best opportunities.

Our up-to-date database of potential candidates is among the industry’s largest. We tirelessly renew and access this essential and proprietary tool. Because of our high profile, candidates often approach us directly. We welcome those contacts as we are relentless in our search for new talent.

We often find that the best candidates, are found through direct recruiting (“head hunting”). These prospects are employed and not searching for a new role on job boards or online platforms. We contact them directly and begin conversations that can often yield productive results.


A trustworthy relationship between recruiter, client and candidates, is the necessary beginning to a long and mutually beneficial relationship. Our engagements may involve expansions and new directions of which the industry is not yet aware. Or we may be asked to search for a position with a current occupant where there is a need for a change. We understand that confidentiality is essential. When candidates approach us, we also pledge our highest degree of discretion.

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